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 Hi there, I'm Neet. I like cute girls! I write fanfiction. Click on "about me" over on the left sidebar to hear me talk more about myself.

 My cute chuunibyou girlfriend Ra'a
Draw on my blog!


wait what in the diddly darn doorknob is an automated porn bot?

Well… I… um…

How do I explain this…

Okay, this is the kinda thing you have to experience first hand. Make a text post and tag it as nsfw or something and… well… you’ll understand in about 10-20 seconds.

a few more tips.

  • Try to tag your nsfw original posts as something other than nsfw. Then the automated porn bots start following you and that’s not a good thing.
  • Don’t be a dick. Tag blood, nudity, gore, obvious shit like that. I’m not saying you have to tag shit like “Trigger warning, trees!” or something like that, but at least tag those obvious ones.
  • If you have pets posts pictures of them. People love pets. If you have a pet tarantula do NOT post pictures of it. Please, please don’t.
  • I’d advise you not to get mixed up with the social justice crowd. That’s a whole world of stress and conflict that you probably already deal with in the real world, and you probably don’t want doom and gloom on here too, especially since they can get pretty… overzealous. Just don’t openly provoke them and you should be fine.
  • Try to have a tag for your personal text posts. Or put them under read mores. Sometimes people don’t really care for your real life, and that’s just how life is, I guess.
  • Never. Reblog. The “Do you like the color of the sky?” post.
  • I’m serious. It’s cancer. It takes a whole 30 seconds to scroll past. Nobody likes it and it’s a waste of time. Love yourself, and love your followers, leave that post to rot.

tip to getting people to follow you and like you

use the tags to make comments about the post, or tell jokes, or just show your personality in general

people will more readily follow an actual human running a blog in their own taste rather than a reblog robot


supposedly a quick anatomy/pose practice… yeah… quick— anatomy— pose— which failed in all 3 categories— /o/


mary in bitter anthology


I drew the new cutie Rana for twitter so I thought I’d post her here too!!


__(:3 」∠)_  they took my life and swam with it

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