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velocitypon3 replied to your post: hahahaha you guys are funny

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you guys are funny

PSA: We’re out of bacon and chipotle sauce at Northwest Grab and Go. Sorry guys.

dear person in a certain university’s tag

why the fuck are you drinking wine at the library



tbh the best action scene in Mekakucity Actors was Momo trying to beat up Kenjirou over her test scores

Track: Yobanashi Deceive× Rolling Girl [mash-up]
Artist: IA x Hatsune Miku
Plays: 5,336
Track: Yobanashi Deceive× Rolling Girl [mash-up]
Artist: IA x Hatsune Miku
Plays: 5,336


Yobanashi Deceive× Rolling Girl -Mashup by SA 

Update: I put the mashup lyrics
Bold The Rolling girl  / Normal: Yobanashi Deceive

Lonely girl dreams the impossible as she pleased 
thoughts collide as she turns inside her head
clawing ‘round and around, clawing ‘round and around

Well, I guess I’ll get talking. There’s something unique, unusual about me; 
I’ve disguised it as common, but it’s always troubled me  
One day - it’s been ten years - a “monster” spoke to me, 
Gulped down my heart, and said “Keep on lying!” 

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Gray Garden/Kagerou Project thing



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