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 My cute chuunibyou girlfriend Ra'a
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Redrawing Ayano over Hyouka is my favorite thing in life.

hibimarry replied to your post: man I hate how cute little girls are a…

au where hibiya dies and hiyori must become badass loli of the year and take down kenji/clear eyed snake by herself while everyone watches in awe

I’ve said it time and time again, that Hiyori should have come out of the daze instead of Hibiya, because she’s earth’s most powerful loli. She is immediately the Mekakushi Dan’s MVP when she joins it.

man I hate how cute little girls are always killed to provide some sort of motivation or angst development for people that care about them, and for shock value too

show me a plot where someone that a cute little girl cares about is killed and the cute little girl uses this as an excuse to kick EVERYONE’S ass


you kept hiding it over and over again behind a smile

old print I made and just realized I never posted hahaha ;v;

the most effective way to lure me into a trap is by using drawings of Hiyori as bait


Off Duty: Lazy Sunday

My Illustration for the ‘Moon Crisis: A Sailor Moon Tribute Art Show’.

Opening night is tonight, starting at 6pm, at the Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim Ca! 

Hope y’all enjoy it, and have a fantastic time at the show if you’re lucky enough to attend <3

Elizabeth B.


By 千秋

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little buddy and I on a road trip


okay but seriously when was the last time I’ve drawn Madoka and Homura together
forever ago??


HPB! by ma

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Track: drop pop candy
Artist: 620*スヤ
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Track: drop pop candy
Artist: 620*スヤ
Plays: 3,026
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